Recopilatorio y links de descarga de todas las versiones de SQL Server, Service Packs, Parches y actualizaciones

By | 16/12/2015

 Lista resumen:

RTM (no SP) SP1 SP2 SP3 SP4
 SQL Server 2016
     codename ?
 SQL Server 2014
     codename Hekaton SQL14
12.0.2000.8 12.0.4100.1
or 12.1.4100.1
 SQL Server 2012
     codename Denali
11.0.2100.60 11.0.3000.0
or 11.1.3000.0
or 11.2.5058.0
or 11.3.6020.0
 SQL Server 2008 R2
     codename Kilimanjaro
10.50.1600.1 10.50.2500.0
or 10.51.2500.0
or 10.52.4000.0
or 10.53.6000.34
 SQL Server 2008
     codename Katmai
10.0.1600.22 10.0.2531.0
or 10.1.2531.0
or 10.2.4000.0
or 10.3.5500.0
or 10.4.6000.29
 SQL Server 2005
     codename Yukon
9.0.1399.06 9.0.2047 9.0.3042 9.0.4035 9.0.5000
 SQL Server 2000
     codename Shiloh
8.0.194 8.0.384 8.0.532 8.0.760 8.0.2039
 SQL Server 7.0
     codename Sphinx
7.0.623 7.0.699 7.0.842 7.0.961 7.0.1063

Todos los Service packs son acumulativos, esto quiere decir que cada nuevo Service pack contiene todos los arreglos que son incluidos en los previos Service packs más los nuevos arreglos.


CTP Community Technology Preview (beta release)
RC Release Candidate
RTM Released To Manufacturing; It is the original, released build version of the product, i.e. what you get on the DVD or when you download the ISO file from MSDN.
CU Cumulative Update; Cumulative updates contain the bug fixes and enhancements–up to that point in time–that have been added since the previous Service Pack release and will be contained in the next service pack release. Installation of the Cumulative Update is similar to the installation of a Service Pack. Cumulative Updates are not fully regression tested.
SP Service Pack; much larger collection of hotfixes that have been fully regression tested. In some cases delivers product enhancements.
GDR General Distribution Release; GDR fixes should not contain any of the CU updates.
QFE Quick Fix Engineering; QFE updates include CU fixes.
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