Problema para instalar programas en Linux (Ubuntu-Kubuntu)

By | 07/02/2015

Para solucionar este problema:

1. Reemplaza el contenido del fichero /etc/apt/sources.list por este otro:

deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 4.10 _Warty Warthog_ - Preview i386 Binary-1 (20041020)]/ unstable main restricted
## Uncomment the following two lines to fetch updated software from the network
deb warty main restricted
deb-src warty main restricted
## Uncomment the following two lines to add software from the 'universe'
## repository.
## N.B. software from this repository is ENTIRELY UNSUPPORTED by the Ubuntu
## team, and may not be under a free licence. Please satisfy yourself as to
## your rights to use the software. Also, please note that software in
## universe WILL NOT receive any review or updates from the Ubuntu security
## team.
deb warty universe
deb-src warty universe
deb warty-security main restricted
deb-src warty-security main restricted
deb warty multiverse
deb-src warty multiverse
deb stable main
deb unstable main
deb testing main


2. Finalmente en el Terminal usa el siguiente comando:

sudo apt-get update